Thirteen Disciplines: A Warrioirs Guide to Self Mastery
Introduction: Warfare is devastating. Violence and hostility toward another is wrong. So what good can be said of the warrior? We instinctively know that there is much good. We recognize that there are times when people may be called upon to defend oneself, or the country or community. Perhaps this is viewed by some as a necessary evil. But most would agree that if attacked, on any level, one has the right to defend oneself.

And if those whom one loves and cares for are attacked, it is incumbent upon that one to offer a defense, meeting force with force. But beyond this, we also recognize that there is a nobility within the warrior archetype. A true warrior, a warrior of the spirit, stands up for and defends what is right, defends the innocent, and lives for honor and justice. We honor those who protect us, and are willing to sacrifice themselves for our defense. We value those who strive to live with integrity and honor and who practice discipline to do so. This is the true spirit of the warrior.

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Introduction/Guides For Individuals & Groups.
Chapter 1: Accept The Challenge.
Chapter 2: Wake Up & Watch.
Chapter 3: Master The Self.
Chapter 4: Face Fear & Welcome Courage.
Chapter 5: Humble Yourself.
Chapter 6: Preserve.
Chapter 7: Face Death.
Chapter 8: Serve The Divine.
Chapter 9: Become A Relative To All That Is.
Chapter 10: Form Alliances.
Chapter 11: Live Strategically.
Chapter 12: Do It.
Chapter 13: Love!