Grant Schnarr's Authoring Approach
Grant Schnarr is a teacher, certified life-coach, and pastor of the Creekside church in Bryn athyn, Pennsylvania. He is the author of several books on spiritual growth and recovery. His recent work The Art of Spiritual Warfare, published by Quest Books, has been published in several languages on four continents. His other books include You Can Believe, Return to the Promised Land, Spiritual Recovery, and Way of Wisdom, which was co-edited with Eric Buss.

His works touch on the Bible and the New Age, on the mystical and the practical. He is serious to the point of bringing tears, and can have you laughing the next moment. His books are about life.

Ghost Brother Angel

As a child, Grant Schnarr was haunted (as many children are) by a fear of the dark, a fear of the unknown, of monsters in his closet. But more than that, he was haunted by a real ghost—a dark presence that lingered in his family’s house, occasionally moving objects, making noises, or even appearing to unsuspecting family members and guests. As an adult, Grant had almost forgotten about the ghost until a series of brushes with death began to awaken old memories. Over the course of several months, a series of “coincidences” led him to dig deeper and deeper into a long-buried family tragedy. Forced to confront his deepest fears, armed with the lessons he learned from the spiritual warriors in his life, he finally learns the truth on a dark night in the woods of WisconsinAnyone who has suffered a loss or struggled with fears will relate to this real-life tale of facing your inner—and outer—demons, told from Grant’s uniquely Swedenborgian perspective. Pre-order the book now on Amazon just click below!

Ghost Brother Angel
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The Guardian Angel Diary

Minister Grant Schnarr draws together the voices of young  people he has met and counseled to weave a fictional tale of love, fear, and hope. Sixteen-year-old Nicole Bealart is a typical teenager, living in a world of homework, school plays, and her own imagination —a world turned upside-down when she is diagnosed with brain cancer. Her father, who never dealt with her mother’s death from lung cancer six years before, begins drinking heavily; she is left trying to care for herself and her younger brother, Luke, while juggling school and her growing fears about her own mortality. seeking answers, she begins writing a journal that becomes a vehicle for her to communicate with her guardian angel. as she approaches the date of an operation that may either save her life or end it, her inner and outer worlds collide and combine to give her a new under- standing of family, friendship, and life. Pre-order the book now on Amazon just click below!


Dr Oz


“Speaking with your guardian angel is just the kind of medicine we should be prescribing more often. Learn to tap into the wisdom and grace of your own Guardian Angel through the spiritual journey of this exceptional young woman.” Dr. Mehmet Oz, heart surgeon, bestselling author, and host of The Dr. Oz Show

Provocative--a powerful exploration of the intersection between spirituality and reality. It poses as many questions as it answers. Nicole's spirit and her brave journey will stay with you long after you read, and re-read, the ending. - Chandra Hoffman, author of 'Chosen'

Guardian Angel Diary is a tour de force that takes you into the heart and mind of Nicole Bealert, a teenager who faces not only a life threatening illness, but a father still grieving her mother's death and a brother who takes refuge in his bedroom and computer games.  That the entrance of Nicole's guardian angel into her life and their subsequent conversations via Nicole's diary seem so natural, funny, and absolutely right on, is a tribute to Schnarr's empathy and his considerable skill.  Guardian Angel is a moving, enriching story that will stay with you long after you've finished reading. - Naomi Gladish Smith, author of The Arrivals, and The Wanderers

An extraordinary book!  It evolves as much as the characters do.  It carries the reader from the banal to the sublime; from the realistic tedium of illness to the drama of life with its emotional complexity; from adolescent angst to a startling spirituality. I cried through the whole second half of the book.  A writer’s ability to create that level of empathy is another mystery – and a gift. - Sylvia M. Shaw, Former Professor of Rhetoric, Boston University; Professor at Bryn Athyn College

Can 16 year old Nicole withstand life threatening illness, fractured relationships, and family strife?  The GA (Guardian Angel) is Nicole’s gentle but probing alter ego, counselor, and spiritual guide in Schnarr’s tender but piercing look into her coming to terms with illness, love and loss.  The Diary gives a surprisingly realistic glimpse of the inner struggle that accompanies a crisis in health, but also into the realm of the spirit and what heaven may be like. - James deMaine, MD Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine,

If you have ever entertained questions about love, suffering, death, heaven, and the meaning of life, this book is a must read. Grant Schnarr gently takes your hand and walks you through the most intimate exploration of the human experience with soul expanding wisdom and the honesty of angels. - Vaishali, author of You Are What You Love.



You Can Believe!

You Can Believe! : An Introduction to the New Christianity . Many people have walked away from dogmatic religion, but are longing to believe something that makes sense and works in their lives. You Can Believe! helps bring people back to relationship to a God they can know and trust, and to a way of life that leads to real peace and fulfillment.


"Many of us have had problems with Religion. You Can Believe! is a delightful door into a new or remodeled relationship to a God who makes sense. I highly recommend this book for people who are looking to deepen their 'spirituality".
 - John Lee , Author of The Flying Boy

Each chapter begins with a question. Who AM I? Why AM I Here? Who is God? What Happens When I Die? How Can I Grow Happy? And each of these questions has some simple and yet profoundly rational answers. This book will change your perspective, and with this new perspective, You will change your life. Buy it today!

"A superb analysis and profound study of the Christian religion.You Can Believe! is an informative introduction to the ever progressing world of modern Christianity." - Midwest Book Review

"Grant Schnarr renews our faith in God and ourselves as he guides us through our barriers to belief. His insightful spiritual wisdom makes it safe to believe in our deep soul values, as he strategically moves the reader out of material captivity into the freedom of God's love. Refreshing, timely, and profound." - Nancy Lee , author of Voices of Light; host and producer of "Lights On With Nancy Lee"

"Grant Schnarr's book will stir hearts and furnish substantial fare for inquiring minds." - Rev. Donald Rose , author of Conversations with Angels.


The Art of Spiritual Warfare

The Art of Spiritual Warfare: A Guide to Inner Peace based on Sun Tzu's Art of War - This work is based on Sun Tzu's Art of War and the wisdom of the ages. Learn how to gain freedom over personal demons and live a life of inner peace, joy, and integrity. Recommended by Robert L. Moore, John Lee, Bill Kauth, Dawn Callan, and others. This book is also the foundational philosophy for Spiritual Warfare Effectiveness Training seminars and Adventures.


"A Guide to Inner Peace based on Sun Tzu's Art of War? Well think about it--this is a world of paradoxes. What is the biggest obstacle to achieving inner peace? Perhaps it is our own self. What if we waged a war against our inner negativity, our doubts and our fears? Could we use the optimal book on war to conquer our inner demons and establish a beachhead for a state of personal bliss? This book gives detailed advice on how to view your internal dialogues as potential enemies and allies and finding peace. Remaining always aware and alert to how we think and believe is great advice. The book realigned how I view my personal commitment to self improvement." -Michael Peter Langevin: Publisher of Magical Blend Magazine

"Grant Schnarr has written a profound... training manual for the person new to spiritual combat... I am indepted to him for his contribution and honored to give it my enthusiastic endorsement." - Robert L. Moore: Co-author of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

"Grant brilliantly brings ancient wisdom to us in a way we can actually use it today. After two decades of teaching spiritual warrior skills and theory, I say, We've been waiting for this book!"- Bill Kauth: Co-founder of New Warrior/ Mankind Project, Author of A Circle of Men

"Grant Schnarr delivers ancient wisdom for modern times. He teaches us the art of the spiritual warrior, and he does so with discipline, compassion, and courageous self examination. These are necessary skills for a new millennium." - Dawn Callan: Author of Awakening the Warrior Within

Grant Schnarr has taken wisdom from so many sources and integrated it into one important book that has helped me on my spiritual journey. I highly recommend this book, no matter what path you walk or how far along you'vew come. The Art of Spiritual Warfare will take you farther and deeper. - John Lee: Author of Flying Boy and Facing the Fire

"The "only noble battle," author Grant Schnarr tells us, is "the fight for inner personal freedom, spiritual health, love goodness and growth." The Art of Spiritual Warfare: A Guide to Lasting Inner Peace Based on Sun Tzu's The Art of War fosters our understanding of just how to best struggle for the recovery of our souls. Each of the book's thirteen chapters is prefaced by an actual quote from the book, The Art of War, with text that follows reinterpreting that material in light of how a master warrior would walk in the Way, allowing the Divine to lead through the myriad difficulties and minefields of daily life in a material world. Chapters on "Creating Spiritual Advantage," "Combat Strategy" and "Strategic Dispositions" carry out the analogy of battle in an intriguing and involving way, advising us to study the terrain of the self through the constant practice of self-awareness. In "Weapons of Spiritual Warfare," we are told that "Truth is the sword . . . cutting away what is unreal . . . Practice will sharpen it." For those of us who find the acceptance that supposedly comes with meditation practice and other seemingly passive stances a bit difficult to accomplish, Spiritual Warfare just might be the perfect, proactive guide to taking matters into one's own hands when the forces of evil in oneself become destructive and self-defeating. Each directive involves, above all, "consciously acting and even reacting from a God-centered disposition" and thereby stopping the (internal) enemy from entering our consciousness. It is only through this conscious commitment that the warrior can maintain connection to the Source at all times." - Spirit of Change Magazine

The Art of Spiritual Warfare

Now available in different languages on four continents!




Spiritual Recovery

Spiritual Recovery: A Twelve Step Guide- Combining the 12 Steps of Recovery with the foundational teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg and his own practical and hard earned experience Grant Schnarr presents readers with a path to wholeness and serenity. This work has been used by recovery and spiritual growth groups on five continents, and is one of the first books to show the relevance of the 12 Step Recovery program to personal spiritual growth.



"Schnarr listens to the heart and discounts irrelevant dogma." - Publishers Weekly

"Schnarr's encouraging insights are illuminated by his own honest struggles." - Library Journal

"Spiritual Recovery is the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous applied to the stranded soul."
- Branches


Return To The Promised Land

Return to the Promised Land: The Story of Our Spiritual Recovery- This book is a practical guide for spiritual recovery that draws upon the biblical symbolism of the Israelites' journey to the promised land. Schnarr compares their struggles in the wilderness to our own life search for spirituality.



"Schnarr ...enables those seeking spiritual recovery to move from the 'fury of inner spiritual warfare' to lasting peace." - Publishers Weekly

"Schnarr's understanding of the archetypal depths of the journey home to Canaan will inspire readers to revisit this Old Testament story." - Library Journal

"Particularly beneficial and insightful are [the] questions and suggestions at the end of each chapter." -
Independent Publisher


Way Of Wisdom

Way of Wisdom: Meditations on Love and Service - This useful collection of 100 quotations of Emanuel Swedenborg, adapted for present-day readers, is arranged for deditation, self-reflection, and personal growth. The quotations challenge the reader to grow both in spirit and humanity. Edited by Grant Schnarr and Erik Buss.



"This books is a brilliant introduction to the New Church (The New Church is based on the old and New Testaments and the Writings of Emanuel Swedenobrg.) It provides beautiful quotations from a variety of works from Swedenborg's Writings. It is appropriately named for it will guide the reader, in the Way of Wisdom. If you are look for a sampling of Swedenborg's works, or for a great inspirational gift...this book is perfect for you."

"When I need to center myself, or be inspired, and especially if I just have one minute before moving on to the next thing on my list of things to do, a quick reading from Way of Wisdom is perfect. It is just enough of a thought to keep my mind active and growing, but doesn't take much time. It is a good pick-me-up in down times, and the notes in the back are great when I want to explore an idea further. If you want small thoughts from Swedenborg, this is the book to try." -Joralyn Echols

"Glimpses of Heaven! This book has gotten me through so much! I open it up when I need a little inspiration and always find a passage that speaks to where I'm at. I also love the comentary at the back. It really helps dig deeper into the passages by Emanuel Swedenborg. I highly recommend this books for anyone who wants some spirituality in their day."


Thirteen Disciplines: E-Book

Thirteen Disciplines: A Warrior's Guide to Self Mastery for Individuals and Groups - This book was written to teach this ancient art of self-mastery, and to mentor the one who would strive for the dignity, honor, and integrity of the spiritual warrior. This book contains the essential components of the noble warrior's character and soul.